• First project for KOBE STEEL

    First project for KOBE STEEL

    In November 2014, working closely with Siemens Japan, CNC Design completed first installation of a retrofit project in Kobe Steel facilities in Kobe, Japan.

    The project is a complete retrofit for a KOCKS special purpose machine for re-profiling the rollers used in a steel bar mill. SINUMERIK 840D SL with Sinamics S120 and Sinamics DCM drives are now driving this machine. Working closely with the end user, we developed a high end solution, with a customised operating system embedded in SINUMERIK Operate.

    The project is a big success, KOBELCO looking forward to implement this solution in other similar machines on their steel mill in Kobe.

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    Industrial Wireless Communication

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  • Industrial  Communication        Siemens April 2012

    Industrial Communication Siemens April 2012

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    SINUMERIK 828D is the top performer for more advanced milling machines and can handle all conceivable drilling and milling operations. Even in the compact frame size, the familiar SINUMERIK state-of-the-art technology ensures the highest possible levels of precision and productivity.      Click here to read more



    The new SINUMERIK 808D CNC is released for sales and delivery world-wide. The operator-panel-based CNCs SINUMERIK 808D Milling and SINUMERIK 808D Turning are extremely compact, rugged and very easy to use. Powerful CNC functions permit excellent workpiece  precision  to be achieved with very short machining times. Click here to read more

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    Industry Journal

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  • SINAMICS G120C new product to our portfolio

    SINAMICS G120C new product to our portfolio

    SINAMICS G120C is now available and has been especially designed for machine manufacturers who are looking for an economic, space-saving and easy-to-operate frequency converter providing a multitude of functions. Click here to read more



    SIMOTION IT is the new “window” to your machine at any time and from any location in the world. It will enable you to access all machine data for diagnostics, optimization and maintenance purposes using standard web tools. Click here to read more

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